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6 Vital Points to Consider before buying Bathroom Vanities

5th January 2017

When it comes to the bathroom, it can be one of the most neglected areas of your home. Most people never decorate their bathroom with the same passion and care as they do in the case of their living room or bedroom. However, there are different ways in which your bathroom can be decorated for maximum impact. Simply by installing a couple of vanity items, you can make your bathroom look special and attractive. Irrespective of the size of your room, it can produce a space that is charming and full of character. You will love spending time in your bathroom!

Bathroom vanities are the best bath gems one can have in their bathroom, which not only enhance the décor but are also useful for storage. When it comes to purchasing bathroom vanities, there are a couple of important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Read through our top tips for selecting the vanity unit to suit your room ensuring maximum durability.

How to select the best Bathroom Vanities

  1. The Brand: As with all furniture prices can range vastly. A vanity unit is a piece for furniture like a kitchen that needs to have durability. It is therefore important that you invest in a trusted brand. Always go for a reputed brand and make sure that it comes with a minimum warranty period.
  2. Waterproof: Be it a bathroom wardrobe, or any other item, when you are planning to install a bathroom vanity, you must make sure that it is waterproof. Remember, for bathrooms, there are special fixtures available in the market. You cannot install a wooden rack in your bathroom which is meant for your living room or bedroom. It would quickly become damaged by water and moisture.
  3. Wall Mounted: In order to save space on the floor and to make the optimum use of the area available, you can opt for a wall mounted item. They provide a modern look, whilst saving space, easy access to clean the floor and protect all items inside from any water leekages.
  4. Storage: When looking at vanity units, ensure you chose a piece that not only fits suitably in the area but also provides sufficient storage capacity. The main reason people install units is for storage.
  5. Size: It’s important to plan ahead, ensure you have all the measurements of your bathroom written down before you go shopping. It is imperative to choose the right size, you don’t want a unit so small it gets lost in the room or one too big that overpowers the space. Talk to the experts when viewing units.
  6. Design: When it comes to colour and design, think about what already exisits in your space, if you have a very traditional styled room, an ultra modern high gloss unit problay wont look right. There are various types of options available in the market when it come to bathroom vanities; which gives you lots of alternatives to choose from.

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