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24th March 2014

Designer rugs vs. clearance rugs

If you decide that you’re living room could do with sprucing up and start your search for a new rug online then the huge selection that’s available to you will become obvious as you sift through pages of different designs and colours. However, design and style aren’t the only elements that you can base your search on. Cost, for example, is extremely important to the majority of people nowadays and it’s a great thing to base your choice of rug on, as the cost will ultimately depend on whether you’re looking for the latest designer carpet or one that’s a bargain.

One of the fundamental decisions you make when choosing your new rug will be between the designer and the clearance collections, so we’ve laid out the benefits of each to make your decision a little bit easier.


If you buy a designer rug then you can be sure that you’re buying the latest trend because designers are always on the ball when it comes to fashions and are constantly battling with each other to release the latest designs before anyone else. When shopping for designer rugs you can be sure that whatever you choose will be one of the trends that’s currently taking the world of interior design by storm.

The colours and designs of the rugs are also worth thinking about because designer rugs offer the most eye-catching and impressive patterns on the market. The fact that designer rugs offer the best colours and patterns shouldn’t really come as a shock when you consider the artistic skills and influence that has gone into the design.

So, why would you spend money on a designer rug? Designer rugs make great focal points and allow rugs to be a room’s main form of decoration rather than a mere supporting accessory.


Given the number of positives surrounding designer rugs along with their popularity it’s hard to imagine clearance rugs being a popular alternative.

The biggest advantage a clearance rug has is its cost as they’re available at a fraction of the price of new designer rugs. Cost is really important to a lot of people and decorating is something that generally has to be done on a budget, in which case you’re not going to want to spend a lot on a rug, so the clearance range is a great place to start. Clearance rugs are also brilliant for those who are constantly changing their minds about interior design and like to re-decorate regularly.

Just because they’re cheaper doesn’t mean that clearance rugs are lower quality though. Fashions change every season so there are regularly new designer lines added. When this happens last season’s stock is often sold at significantly reduced prices in order to make way for deliveries of this season’s styles. These rugs are only included in the clearance range because they’re no longer the very latest so you should question whether this is important to you. If it’s not, then you could get your hands on a rug that’s been made from quality materials and dyes and had the same artistic skills focused on its design for a fraction of its original price.

Now you’re aware of the kinds of things that you need to think about when making the decision between clearance and designer rugs. If you’re after the latest style then the designer rug collection is probably more your thing but otherwise it’s always worth having a look in the clearance section because there are some real bargains to be had.

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