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An intro to: TMO Lighting

30th April 2015

We have all heard that lighting is key when designing a space. It can evoke emotional feelings and set the atmosphere of a room, however for the majority of us it is the last thing we think about when decorating. At TMO Lighting it is first and foremost.

TMO lighting, experts in the field of lighting, made in the UK and are based in Dorset. They produce exquisite lighting products for every lifestyle: from hand painted to screen printed lamp shades. The screen printed lampshades come in a variety of wonderful designs and colourways which would complement any room, whilst the hand painted lampshades become a unique work of art, designed specifically to the customers personal design. They pride themselves in their customer care; making sure that no two lampshades are the same and designed to the individual’s specification, design and colourway.

The owner of TMO Lighting Helena Barrowcliff who designs and creates the distinctive lamp shades, trained in Textile Design before a career in fashion and interior design. Now in her seventh year with TMO, Helena continues to use interesting techniques to bring depth and texture to her wonderful design. Her latest collection of works offer two new designs of crackle glaze and oak leaf. The colours are in soft metallics, which gently catch the light during the day but once turned on, have a depth of colour and warm light that TMO is known for.

TMO compliment their beautiful shades with wonderful handcrafted lamp bases; clear and pewterised Italian glass bottles, Dorset made Ash wood tripod bases and newly designed stylish iron lampbases made locally, all of which adhere to the craftsmanship and materials used.

TMO Lighting's products have universal appeal and provide colourful, fresh, contemporary lamp shades which will compliment a favourite room or bring alive a particular space. From the simple to the highly decorative, TMO lighting has something for all rooms; be it a classic interior or a modern setting, TMO enhances all rooms and offers something for everyone.

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