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An Intro to – Toothpic Nations

12th May 2014

Established in October 2011, Toothpic Nations is a theme-based online shop and platform that aims to promote contemporary Asian designs. The products are sourced from up-and-coming independent designers and established design companies based in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, as well as from expatriate Asian designers.

Most of the products are new to the UK and European market; they are simple, user-friendly, high quality with emotional values that aim to bring joy or fulfillment to the users. The collection also features a wide range of eco-friendly products made from natural, sustainable or recyclable materials.

The shop's focus theme changes annually so that more designers can get involved while customers can enjoy a specific range of products at a time

The third and current theme of the London-based online design shop Toothpic Nations is ‘Play’.

Designed by independent designers from Asia, the collection features a range of fun and quirky toys, paper crafts and games suitable for both adults and children. While some objects may bring nostalgic memories for the grown ups, others may simply remind us to get away from our digital devices and start playing like children again.

Three original games inspired by video games from the 1980s are specifically designed and created for the website by London-based game designer, Sam Chau.

Meanwhile, new products will continue to be added to the ‘Work’ and ‘Living’ themes throughout the year.

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