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Be unique this Fathers Day

29th May 2014

Our top pick of personalised prints

When it comes to Fathers day and choosing that something special it seems to be inherently difficult to find a unique gift that does not involve socks, aftershave, wallets or something golf related. However when we where introduced to Brough and Ready an online shop for personalised prints and unique tees we where instantly impressed!

Set up by award-winning graphic designer Mike Brough, Brough and Ready is crammed with gallery-quality print ideas, ready to personalise and make unique! Their designs have quality stamped all over them and created by some of the UK’s most talented designers, artists and illustrators.

We love the idea of giving a work of art that is unique as a gift. Not only is it a joy to look at but it will also hold special memories for the person who is lucky enough to receive one.

The prints instantly stood out as great fathers day gifts including the Personalised Beer Top Print. Reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s work, this vibrant piece is full of colour and would work in any room. Whether a beer lover or not the added personalisation makes this print one of our favourites.


Why not add value to your gift, with a limited edition print. For all those fathers that remember the Eighties when the Atari ruled and the Snickers chocolate bar was a “Marathon”, this gift is sure to delight – “A Back to the Future Limited Edition Personalised Print.” Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean… the rest is history as they say! This stylish print has been elegantly composed for a modern day work of art. We think it would work brilliantly in an office, games room or spare bedroom.


For those who love camping why not get the VW camper van print, or if London culture enthrals you the underground prints are superb and make for a fantastic focal point in a room. There really is something for everyone from music to movie lover prints through to Dad Rules Typographic personalised prints.

The great thing that with a print from Brough and Ready you are giving a gift that will last, it can hang in your home as a piece of art, a statement piece but best of all it will be unique and personalised with the words, name etc. you want to add. A truly thoughtful gift that would work for any occasion.

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