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Create your own Scandinavian paradise

4th September 2014

If you’re looking for some new style inspiration this summer, nothing quite says clean, crisp and sophisticated style like Scandinavia. Whether it’s the snow topped mountains of Norway or the modern design elements of Sweden, a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom or living area will give your home a radiant and welcoming feel.

The look can be achieved without breaking the bank, too – here are a few tips to help you create your own Scandinavian paradise.

The overwhelming colour, or indeed tone, of a Scandinavian paradise is bright white, which is heavily influenced by the environment in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. In Scandinavia, interior design alludes to landscapes that are rich in lakes, forests, rivers and mountains.

You can capture the whiteness of these mountains without making your home look too sterile. Scandinavian design is clean and relies on lighter tones to combat darkness when the sun goes down so early, so consider experimenting with whites. This doesn’t have to be hospital wall white – you can add subtle hues within your whites and include accessories to offset the colours. This wood smoke white, available from Earth Born Paints, will not only capture this effect but is also friendly on the environment, just like our beloved Norwegian forests.

With the long nights in Scandinavia, it’s important to make your home feel welcoming. To capture this mood, make sure your living or bedroom area is as inviting as possible with seating areas. One particular item of furniture that’s become very popular in recent years is the day bed – these funky items embrace the modern design ethos of Sweden by offering guests a place to rest or sit, and challenging the conventions of normal bed time or ‘entertaining’ routines.

A truly Scandinavian bedroom embraces all of nature’s elements, including wooden floors. A modern, woodchip floor will not only make your bedroom look unique but will also save you hours of trouble trying to pick a carpet, before even considering trying to lay it. If you can’t stand the thought of cold feet on a winter morning, break up your floor with a rug – white synthetic fur will remain in keeping with the theme and will also feel great on your tootsies when you roll out of bed.

You can also add your own finishing touches with a little nod to nature, whether it’s wooden photo frames or forest themed lampshades. Offset with cool white tones, your home will capture the sophistication and make you feel more in touch with nature.

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