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David Manners

9th September 2014

David Manners came to art only two years ago following and coming from a career in the Royal Navy and education. He has already seen meteoric success in a short period of time.

Entirely self-taught and painting only in oils, he is particularly inspired by the sea and how people and animals interact with it.

“I love the idea of the rear view portrait. The viewer can decide who the person is and where they are. I don’t particularly like to have to explain what a painting is all about. The observer makes all the decisions.” Commented David.

When discussing his work one piece stands out, the beautifully painted ‘Romance is not Dead’, which highlights an older couple walking arm and arm along the shore line. Dressed all in the white, this simple subject matter instantly strikes a note with the viewer, as David explains -

“I suppose ‘Romance is not dead’ is my most thought provoking painting. It’s created quite a stir with the older generation and was my first painting to sell.”

David Manners

His popular style has already led him to open a gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina and will soon be opening a second in Durango, Mexico. He’s also hoping in 2015 to open one in his own hometown and birthplace of Lyme Regis in Dorset.

David’s style has been likened to that of Jack Vettriano and Edward Hopper; two artists he is proud to be likened to. He has already exhibited widely in the UK and is now selling worldwide.

With his American connections, David has had the opportunity for his work to be exhibited on film sets for the U.S film industry and is thrilled to have one of his works in the home of a Hollywood “A” listed actor.

When asked on what the future holds, he simply says

“The last two years have been incredible. I paint every day and never want to stop. I’m living a dream. Who knows where it will lead?”

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