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Top Tips for Decorating your Child’s Room

4th February 2014

When it comes to decorating your child’s room you have to consider the practicalities of everyday life and your child’s own tastes. You want the room to be fun but safe, and somewhere that your child will go to sleep (as soon as possible!)


A bed with exciting covers or shape will make a child excited to go to sleep. Perfect after a busy day of looking after them! You should always consider the storage you can gain from underneath a bed too.

  1. Interesting Shaped Beds

Look into the car shaped bed and make going to bed exciting for them or if your child doesn’t like cars try a princess bed with pink netting that drapes over.

  1. Bunk Beds

The age old space saving furniture that kids absolutely love. If you have more than one child you could save a lot of space and even another room in your house by having them share. If coming to a decision on who gets the top bunk proves difficult, you should step in and decide for them.


When choosing your children’s wardrobes and drawers consider buying something that they can reach themselves, which will encourage them to dress on their own. You can still find something that looks good for their room as many designers now make child size storage.


You should take more interest in your child’s floor than you think. Carpets are easily ruined by spills, paint, dirt and other accidents. Instead consider warm solid wood flooring. They are easy to clean, feel warm under their toesies and will go really well with any kind of race car or princess bed. Engineered parquet flooring like the ones here are exciting and vibrant, they’ll make the room more fun too.


Toys are a parent’s nightmare, if only they tidied themselves away! Well you cannot get self-tidying toys yet but what you can do is create a system in which the children know where to put what toys. Look at getting boxes that can slide under their beds, simple but effective storage and a great use of the space.


You should make a point about involving your child in the decision of this. If they feel comfortable in their room that means they’ll spend time there, and hopefully go to bed on time! You can encourage things you like but do work closely with them to create their perfect room.


Lighting is important for children. A light near their bed will make them feel comfortable in case they are scared, and consider a night light that will give off a low glow to comfort them if they wake in the night.

Why not consider a specially designed forest lampshade which when switched on turns the room into a forest, creating the feeling you are hiding in an enchanted forest!

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