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    Written by Martyn Loach

Food Never Tasted So Good – Barbecue

14th May 2015

In the summertime if the weather is fine, your thoughts may well turn to entertaining friends and family with a barbecue.

It would be fair to say that even only a few years ago, barbecues were a leisure activity virtually unknown in this country, the preserve of warmer climates where sunshine is guaranteed.

But that outlook has thoroughly changed now, barbecuing has become almost a national obsession. With a modicum of cooking dexterity you can create superb food that is totally different from anything produced on a domestic stove.

There can’t be a more convivial way of spending a summer’s afternoon than cooking and sharing food with friends. Even when the weather is unkind, you can easily move the barbecue under cover, proving that nothing will spoil your enjoyment of the day.

So that the barbecue can be enjoyed throughout the year, whatever the weather, an increasing trend is to include built in barbecues within a garden design, placed inside pergolas and similar structures, it becomes integral to the outdoor lifestyle that we increasingly want to embrace.

The choice of specifications and styles is impressive. Stainless steel or cast iron, heated by gas, electric or charcoal, the barbecue can be a simple model for an intimate gathering or a designer version with several burners and a host of accessories that is able to cook a large and wide variety of food.

Innovative technology has increasingly increased our culinary ambitions and what we can achieve on a barbecue. Quartz ignition, vaporizers, infrared burners, roasting hood and rotisseries can’t guarantee perfect results because there’s always the human element! But superior technology will consistently deliver food that has that irresistible aroma and taste

When choosing a barbecue, where better to start than one of the UK’s popular brand; BeefEater (view the BeefEater BBQ range here), who have been making these icons of the Antipodes for over three decades.

Their premium range, including the Signature and Discovery, is characterized by gleaming stainless steel, advanced technology and innovative design features. Infrared radiant burners produce intense uniform heat while their Vaporizer? Grid and Reflector System reduces flare up and heat loss for faster cooking and fuel economy.

With both trolley and build in models available, you can create your own artisan kitchen outdoors with your very own exterior cooking area or simply go for a trolley model which can be maneuvered around your garden to wherever it’s needed, ready to grill up some tasty and authentic BBQ flavoured treats!

The BeefEater Bugg is billed as the world’s most portable barbecue. Although small in size it’s big on technology with two powerful, independently controlled stainless steel burners that make all the difference to performance. Ideal for a boat, balcony or tailgate.

Napoleon barbecues are a premium range of charcoal and gas barbecues, developed to meet the demands of a discerning market. Their award winning products feature cutting edge cooking techniques, and all this tremendous technology is contained inside barbecues that are impressively designed and superbly appointed.

With any of these barbecues is easy to see that eye catching style has been incorporated into a superb range. On a sun drenched afternoon or warm evening, with the food sizzling and the barbecue gleaming, entertaining friends and family will never have tasted so good.

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