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Guide to Decorating with Blackboard paint.

14th November 2013


When it comes to trends one that seems here to stay is the blackboard wall. By painting a wall, doors, or even furniture you instantly can create a focal and talking point in your home. The beauty of this is that you can change the look and feel of the space simply by what is written on the wall. If you have children, it becomes a great way to occupy them for hours, as they get creative.


Before any work can begin make sure and clean the surface on which the blackboard paint is to be applied. You can paint directly onto matte emulsion walls however if painting onto wood, gloss paint, metals etc. you will need to apply primer first.


As with all paint you need to make sure the paint is well stirred before you begin. This is especially important when it comes to blackboard paint.


We recommend using a brush to apply the paint, as you build up a thicker layer than rolling. When using a brush you will need at least 2-3 layers.  Let each layer dry before applying the next. Check the manufactures can for drying times, normally 3-4 hours. Allow 24 hours before you begin to write on your new blackboard wall.


Get creative, you can now buy magnetic blackboard paint, which allows you to pin your magnets to it, creating a great notice board.  Why not bring a new lease of life to old mirrors, frames, objects or even the top of a table by using blackboard paint. The list is endless!

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