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How to Choose Photographic Art

27th July 2015

By Cara Connell, founder of


Unless you are a serious investor, always choose a picture because you love it rather than because it will go well with your wallpaper or might rise in value. If you derive pleasure from it every day, then that represents a good investment. Of course it’s important to bear in mind whether a picture will fit in well with your interior style, but nothing kills a picture more than being perfectly matched to your decor. Your art should be an extension of who you are as a person - not the colour scheme in your sitting room.

As you start finding out about contemporary art, the more interesting it becomes. Follow sites such as Art Space and Artsy - even if you can’t afford to buy works by major contemporary artists, it’ll help you home in on what you like and develop your individual taste.

Some tips for photographic art in the home:

  1. Be a perfectionist when you hang your art. Take time and care over this, and get a second opinion before you hang anything. A picture which is slightly too high or a few inches too low will annoy you every time you look at it!
  1. The right frame will transform a picture. It’s worth spending money here and doing it properly, even if the frame ends up costing more than the picture. Find a framer whose opinion you trust, and spend lots of time in the framing shop trying out different mounts and frames.
  1. Keep your mounts neutral - steer away from choosing a strongly coloured mount, which matches a dominant colour in the picture.
  1. A white box frame and mount will always make a picture look contemporary.
  1. Don’t be afraid to break the rules when hanging your pictures – not everything needs to be hung at eye height. Smaller pictures can look wonderful clustered next to lamps or arranged over side tables.

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