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How To: Design Your Floor

14th September 2015

When it comes to redesigning your home every feature is important yet too often designing the floor makes its way down the list, or is omitted altogether. Furniture and appliances may come and go but your floor shapes the interior and is an integral part of the space.

Many of us are guilty of picking safe choices when choosing flooring and perhaps see it as the plain, ‘background’ part of our scheme. This is a shame considering the wealth of designs and materials. The possibilities are unlimited if only we allow ourselves to be a little more creative.

The luxury vinyl tile company Harvey Maria revolutionise the way we design our floors, with their truly coordinated portfolio of tile collections, all purposefully designed to work together. Andrew Smith, New Product Development Director at Harvey Maria has several tips worth considering when embarking on the consequential decision of flooring:

1. Create a harmonious space. Consider all the areas of your home as a unified whole and aim to design a coherent living environment. Don’t choose flooring in isolation for each separate room as this can feel disjointed. By treating all floors in your home as a one space, you can make the kitchen, dining room and living room flow seamlessly.

2. Use colour to make a statement. Coloured floors brighten up any space, can define specific zones within the house and help you achieve a desired atmosphere. They are also brilliant at bringing out colour accents of your furniture and accessories.

3. Be clever with pattern. Patterns immediately add interest to any space. Whether you love bold geometrics, pleasing florals or fabulous polka dots, your style can be expressed through these arrangements. These designs create a space which you’ll enjoy spending time in and oozes the personality of its creator. Pattern is perfect for small spaces as it defines the room. It is also brilliant for large living areas and open plan kitchens as the pattern can set the theme for an interior and makes large spaces feel vibrant and welcoming.

4. Create something unique. Now you’ve seen the possibilities of flooring it’s time to get creative! Luxury vinyl tiles give you hundreds of options to create bespoke combinations using your favourite patterns and colours. Creating a striking checkerboard using your favourite two colours or mix wood-effect tiles with vibrant patterns.

5. Don’t limit your ideas to functional spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Think differently and be bold when designing your hallway, main living space or playrooms. Endless colour and pattern choices mean you can create combinations throughout your home and create something truly personal.

Harvey Maria’s latest collections can be found at

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