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IKEA launches PS 2014 collection

2nd April 2014

Affordable design for urban young-in-mind

IKEA PS 2014 is the latest design statement from IKEA, catching the dreams and needs of an urban generation. Today, more people live in cities than in the countryside. They move more often and live in smaller spaces.

"I really hope that the products of this year´s IKEA PS 2014 collection will respond to the needs of many young-in-mind urban people that frequently move home. We had their needs and dreams in mind when designing these joyful, beautiful and flexible products”, says David Wahl, designer at IKEA of Sweden.

A survey conducted in January 2014* shows that two out of three people like design products, but would like them to be more affordable. The survey also shows that two out of three need to use every inch of their home in an efficient way, while 50% needs furniture that can be used for more than one function. As many find the design and the functionality of a product equally important.

Young designers from around the globe were invited to bring their local influences and insights into creating the PS 2014 collection together with the IKEA design team. The result was 51 different products; from a side table with a built-in lamp, rugs in patterns inspired by Eastern Europe and corner cabinets, to an open wardrobe that can be camouflaged according to mood and taste.

The collection is very much a ‘we-design’ team effort. In workshops, the designers collectively chose the theme and the products qualified for the collection.

The IKEA PS collections  is the 8th collection since 1994, an answer to the latest movements and trends in design and in life at home. As all IKEA products, they combine form, function, quality and sustainability, all at an affordable price

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