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Lavender Health Spa

18th September 2013

Sometimes the most unexpected trips can lead you to somewhere special. This is never truer than with Lavender Health Spa.

Nestled in the country side only 45 minutes from Belfast or 15 minutes from Omagh is a secret oasis of relaxation that brought a welcomed surprise and smile to ROCO’s face.

On a cool foggy evening we pulled up to the spa, the sun setting over the rolling green hills as sheep grazed peacefully. A location that is simply idyllic, away from the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life. Once inside the spa you are instantly struck with an ambiance that quietly invites you to “come in, relax and rejuvenate.” From the elegant decor, to the smells and subtle soothing music we where already feeling more peaceful and this was just at reception!

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