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Lorna Doyan

6th February 2015

Lorna completed a Fine Art Foundation Course at Middlesex University before moving to Nottingham University to study History Of Art.

She then moved into the world of interiors and furnishings where she spent 12 years at Habitat before moving to Harrods to help shape the Home and Interiors floors and their Interior Design business.

Lorna is a mother of 2 living in Crouch End, North London. Given her creative background and familiarity with Interiors and Design it is not surprising that Lorna has now chosen to re-explore her creative talents in producing works of art that she hopes are loved and will add to any interior scheme. We caught up with Lorna to discuss her style and inspiration.

How did you become an artist?

In my previous life I worked within the interiors, furnishings and design industry initially at Habitat and then Harrods. I have always been surrounded by creative people and products; I loved this world and felt continually inspired but never had the time to embrace my own practical creative needs at the time.

A break from my career to prioritise family life gave me the space and perspective to focus on those personal creative projects I had been putting off. An initial butterfly creation for my daughters bedroom kick started an obsession with colour and butterflies that still drives my work today.

What inspires your creations?

I gather inspiration from the simple, symmetrical and delicate beauty of butterflies to create three-dimensional artworks. I am particularly interested in playing with light and shadow in my works, I use colour and texture to add further dimension. The shadows and reflections adjust in different light settings allowing my works to take on a sculptural quality that changes throughout day to night and the direction you look at them. I surround myself with coloured, textured papers and card - I like to use 24crt gold leaf in every piece which adds a precious quality whilst complementing the majesty of the butterfly.

 Which artworks best reflect your style?

My 'Classic Butterfly Box' always intrigues the viewer and best expresses my love of symmetry and precision and how light and shadow can work to bring my artwork alive in an otherwise pure monotone colour pallet.

But I adore my large hand-cut ‘Flower Butterfly’ artworks with a touch of gold leaf on the antennae, and my Dirty Little Butterfly pieces really makes me smile and appeals to my naughty sense of humour.

What's the best thing about being an artist?

It’s the people I meet and the requests that come my way…I love creating artwork for people to fit spaces…. be it Interior Designers wanting a bespoke work to match a particular scheme or someone wanting the perfect gift or the perfect piece for their lounge, kitchen, nursery or bedroom…...

I often find myself loosing hours and hours within my studio, completely entranced and focused on my art. It is so amazingly satisfying when an artwork comes together. I often fall in love with pieces and then find it hard to part with them, but I love thinking of these pieces in people’s homes, hopefully giving them a lot of pleasure.


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