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Lucy Powles

13th November 2014

Founded by Lucy Powles, Cocovara provides an all-encompassing design service, embracing elegance and uncompromising attention to detail. Having secured a number of world-class projects it continues to be at the forefront of luxury design. We talk to Lucy about her recent Knightsbridge project and her top five insider tips when it comes to interior design.

What was the driving force behind your career in Interiors?

I have always loved interiors since an early age. My mother was an interior designer and has been a great inspiration.

What is your approach to clients?

I like giving directions and guiding my client to make the right choices with their properties. I don’t like big designer egos, therefore I’m quite flexible and I let my client express themselves in the project. Usually the outcome is great as you combine my knowledge and their taste. I love building relationships with my client, getting to know them on a personal level and I think this is really important, as designing their home is a very personal thing. It requires a full understanding of their interests, passions, restaurants they like and where they holiday etc.

Who do you admire when it comes to design?

I have always loved Christian Liaigre.

What Was the brief behind your recent project in the Penthouse in Knightsbridge?

The brief was to create a contemporary slick environment with its own personality. This apartment has large windows with amazing views across the capital and getting the right balance between natural light and functional light was essential. It was also important to make the apartment feel warm and welcoming, as there was so much glass in the property prior to renovation. It felt cold and more commercial than a home. The client also wished to display personal treasures as they collect antique accessories so we worked pieces into the contemporary scheme which created character and individuality.

What did you find most challenging and rewarding with the final design?

The most rewarding thing at the end of each project is seeing your vision come to life and the client’s reaction to the final product.

What was the best advice you received when it came to interior design?

Beautiful designs are those that work well in a functional and ergonomic way and are not just about the look. But also, ‘keep it simple’. When things start getting complicated and your scheme is not working, just keep it simple. You can interpret that however you like.

What are your top five insider tips when planning to decorate a room?

1. Create a mood. By looking at images that inspire you put together a collection of mood concepts, furniture, lights, things that catch your eye. Lay them out on a board and select your favorites. You’ll end up with a design concept.

2. Space planning. Organize the space by zone and assign to each zone a function.

3. Furniture layout. To ensure that the pieces you have selected fit well in the space.

4. Think about lighting. Mood lighting versus task lighting and natural lighting. How you control these 3 elements to make the most of them. Window treatments are an important part of the design as they establish the amount of natural light coming in a room. Also, recessed spots vs table lights/floor lights. Concealed lighting is becoming more popular so perhaps look at LED too.

5. Accessories. Dress the room with your favorite objects and cushions.

For further information on visit Cocovara.


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