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    Photographer Lucy Levene.

Meet Interior Designer Georgina Cave

17th March 2016

Cave Interiors is an interior design practice founded in London in 2002 by Georgina Cave. With a growing creative reputation, Cave Interiors is regularly selected to deliver spacial planning and full design of the interiors in both old and new-build house projects alongside some of London’s leading architects. We caught up with Georgina to discuss her approach and recent projects.

What was the driving force behind your career in Interiors?

I have always loved architecture, inside and out, and after working for several years as a specialist painter and having completed several projects of my own, I was frequently asked to help people with the design of their homes. Since interiors had become such a passion and so I could acquire all the necessary skills, I enrolled in a course in Interior Design at The Design School, in Queens Park. I formed Cave Interiors in 2002 and the rest is history, so to speak! My passion is interiors - take me in an interior exhibition, shop or show and you’ll have trouble getting me out!

What is your approach to clients?

I like to believe I don’t have a design signature. I am always influenced by the architecture of the building, but most importantly the people who will be inhabiting them. It is always about capturing the essence of our clients and how they live, so that we leave them with a home that suits their personality & lifestyle. Forming a good relationship with them is also key and in general I like to think we have a lot of fun with our clients along the way, whilst crucially holding their hands through the more challenging aspects.

Who do you admire when it comes to design?

Ilse Crawford's designs and general approach to interiors as well as her clients is something I admire. There are of course many others but I would have to say she is a favourite.

What is the brief behind your recent BELSIZE PARK HOUSE project?

Due to the success of a large house project on the same road, we were instructed to extend, remodel and completely renovate this Victorian house in Belsize Park, London. Our clients wanted a home that smacked of style but was comfortable, relaxed, eco friendly and robust enough to withstand a bevy of teenagers. They also wanted to retain as many of the original features as possible.

What did you find most challenging and rewarding with the final design?

The challenge was to create something very different stylistically form the previous project within a very similar structure. The results have proven we could do it not only spatially but stylistically. Wherever possible natural materials were used, original features retained, ironmongery salvaged and matched where required. The beautiful floor finishes throughout the Ground floor include poured concrete, smoked oak boards and cement tiles made to our specific colourway and requirements. The bespoke kitchen made meticulously to our design drawings used sawn cut oak to give it the natural finish we were after, and our design for the curved edge bookcase made from reclaimed oak further enhanced our organic approach. The paint colours and textural materials & furnishings used throughout helped to complete the look of this warm, nature inspired London home. Our clients have their eco-friendly and beautifully relaxed family home as briefed and were thrilled with the results.

What was the best advice you received when it came to interior design?

You can do it! My husband, family & friends have always encouraged me and believed in my ability. One friend in particular told me after I had helped her with her house, that what makes me different from other designers is that I not only always listen to my clients needs but I create spaces that, whilst incorporating current trends, stand the test of time. Holding onto that ethos has also been crucial as unlike fashion, homes should be made to last.

What are your top five insider tips when planning to decorate a room?

1. Be true to the architecture

2. Plan the space meticulously before rushing in with any furniture, lighting or colour choices

3. Think colour, texture & pattern

4. Once you’ve made a decision be confident to move forward with it

5. Enjoy it!

Anything else you would like to mention?

If you choose to work with an interior designer make sure you that not only are you impressed by their previous work but that you like them personally too as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them and entrusting them with your home. A good rapport is crucial for a successful experience. Most of all have fun and remember no building project is without its challenges, but they will soon become a distant memory if the end results are as beautiful as they should be.

To find out more on Cave Interiors click here.

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