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23rd December 2013

When we came across these wall hangings by Native Line created by designer Justine Ashbee our hearts skipped a beat. The beautiful ethic designs and unusal thread instantly made these designs stand out. We caught up with Justine to discuss how Native Line started and her inspiration for weaving in metals.


I decided to do a residency in the mountains of New Mexico, teaching traditional Navajo weaving on a sustainable farm.  It was an incredible process of cutting branches from cedar trees on the property, which we stripped and hand sanded to make the loom armature.  We handspun our own wool yarns, spinning freshly sheared wool from their sheep into lovely textured yarns with different shades of grey, cream, white, black, and ivory.  All natural colors from the sheep fleece.  We set up the loom, and began weaving a beautiful tapestry together, as a community, on the farm.  It was a rediscovery of the gift of weaving for me, which lies in my roots as an artist.  I continued from there, as I wanted to make pieces for the home, and wall hangings seemed like a beautiful jump from the drawing work I had been doing, into something more tactile.  At the time I began doing the woven wall hangings, it was not something that was readily available in the market, either in interiors, or in fine arts.  Textile Arts have had a huge resurgence in the past year, which is a beautiful thing to be a part of. ....

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