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NATURAL SLEEP – An organic healthy solution!

6th February 2015

Getting a good night's sleep is something we all cherish as it can leave you feeling like a million dollars and ready to take on the world. However achiveing this isn’t always easy. Passionate about the world of sleep is the company Natural Sleep who specailise in orgainc products designed to help you sleep heathily.

Natural Sleep is so much more than just natural and organic; their products have been designed to offer really effective sleep solutions and are made from the highest quality materials.

We caught up with owner Alan to discuss why organic and natural is the way to go when looking for a good night's sleep.

Natural and organic.......and so much more

“Many people are first attracted to Natural Sleep because all of our mattresses, bedding, bed linens and towels are made entirely from pure, natural and organic materials. People have become more aware of the adverse side effects of chemical additives on our bodies. It was therefore imperative to us that all our products where entirely free of any such chemicals.

We have sought out leaders in the field of organic and natural bedding with our three principal suppliers from Germnay (Prolana, Cotonea and Dormiente). Each of these suppliers has a truly multi-faceted approach to the products they have been developing and making now for more than 25 years. Naturally, being German producers, they use only the very highest quality materials and make their products with a great deal of care and attention to detail.

Prolana is a founding member of the Fair Rubber Association, pioneering fairer treatment of rubber plantation workers, is but one example of how they strive for excellence in every way.

Designed so that you can sleep really well, even side sleepers.

Every single mattress, bed slat, mattress pad, duvet and pillow has been developed over the years to meet the specific needs of particular groups, such as side sleepers.

Dormiente make bed slats with adjustable lumbar tension and shoulder comfort zones.

Our side sleeper mattresses have a degree of surface softness to absorb the shoulders and hips, so that the spine rests in its natural shape and alignment and all those muscle groups relax completely.

If you are a side sleeper with neck, shoulder, back or hip conditions and discomfort, then you should try our Samar range from Prolana. These are our most popular mattresses for side sleepers.

The micro-climate of your bed is crucial to fully restorative and healthy sleep, that is not restless or disturbed. Our duvets have purely natural fillings, like organic Cottons and Wools or Camel down, that breath really well and maintain a constant, pleasant and dry warmth.

Camel down retains really cosy warmth when it is cold, but releases heat when it is hot.

Prolana and Dormiente know that you will sleep more soundly if your temperature does not fluctuate too much and your bed is healthily dry and well ventilated.

Need help choosing?

At Natural Sleep, we strive to offer you an informed, personal and friendly service.

By understanding your sleep preferences or problems, we can help guide you toward the mattresses, duvets and pillows that match your individual needs.

We have considerable success in helping customers in this way and that is reflected in the number of customers that return to us over the years, such as families as they grow.

For the whole family

Our mattresses, bedding and bed linens for babies, children and teens are really popular, with parents wanting the best possible start for their families, including healthy, safe sleep.

We have baby and toddler mattresses with cores of Coconut Coir, wrapped in organic Wool or Cotton fleecing, that are really well ventilated and safe, with the firmness that paediatricians recommend for those all so important years of early growth.

Our Coir mattress cores have softer springy centres, for extra comfort.

Our organic Cotton duvet cover sets and fitted bed sheets from Cotonea span the whole family and include delighful designs for babies and toddlers and bold colours for children and teens, and, of course, the young at heart.

Cotonea use fair traded organic Cottons of IVN Best and GOTS standards.

Our most popular Cotonea products are their waffle weave towels made from organic Cotton, as they are light, very absorbent and quick drying - ideal for travel, holidays, sports and the gym. The waffle weave texture gently rubs, massages and stimulates the skin.

We would love to hear from you and to be of help with your Natural Sleep needs!”

For further information contact Alan on 01603 929 840 or visit

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