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Oriol Angrill Jordà

21st January 2014

When we came across Oriol's work we were instantly drawn to the romantic and beautifully executed portraits which he creates with great passion.

Oriol Angrill Jordà describes the technique of drypoint etching as “pure magic” – and magic it is, in his hands. He studied Illustration in Palma de Mallorca and printmaking at Central St Martin’s in London. With each work he strives to reach as real a depiction as possible, whether of a person or animal. He cites the Dutch artist M.C. Escher as having the biggest influence on his work.

“I did not start like most of the artists I've met. As I listened, the majority of them had been enthusiastic about Art, almost since they were born, as a native desire to create or express themself. Unfortunately, it wasn't like that for me. Instead for me it was research into what I did better. I really had no interest in drawing or art culture. I did not know there where people living and working in Art. Despite my childish ignorance, I already had a skill to draw or rather a facillity to represent on paper what I saw.

With tough efforts to study and gradually passing courses, years passed with no artistic relevance, right up to High School when I found out what I did not like to do! I managed to pass Science and then I changed to the Art branch to start my early knowledge about the world of Arts and the people that surround it. Unconsciously, I became more and more interested in the artistic world, images, pictures, illustrations, featured artists and M.C. Escher's work encouraged me to draw better. It was then that I realized I was indeed talented enough to pursue art seriously. After that, I started Illustration at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de las I.Baleares. There, my interests were clear and I decided to dedicate myself to Art and be the best I can.”

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