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29th October 2014

We talk to interior designer and CARTERTYBERGHEIN founder Patrick Tyberghein.


When and why did you start CARTERTYBERGHEIN?

CarterTyberghein was formed in 1997.

Why did I start my own practice? Well, it was a natural progression, I suppose. It was always in the back of my mind. My uncle, who was an accomplished architect and artist, had without a doubt influenced me from an early age as I completely loved everything about his work and the atmosphere of his studio and this gave me some kind of direction in life.

Having started my career in Paris in the mid-80's working on exclusive private residences for Alberto Pinto, but eager to widen my horizons, I migrated to London, working over a decade in the luxury hospitality industry across the globe during which, I refined my skills on large and prestigious projects. So when the opportunity came in the late part of the 90s, I decided to make the big step and formed CarterTyberghein with the aim to share my passion and vision for interiors.

Today, CarterTyberghein creates luxury interiors in the UK and abroad and is dedicated to designing ‘homes’, whether they are private, for ‘show’ or for ‘short stay’.

What is your approach when creating unique luxury interiors?

Every client’s requirement is specific to them, every building’s shape, size, style makes it distinctive in its own way and it is the combination of each client’s personality, and ultimately the pertinence of the design solution that makes every project unique.

However, at CarterTyberghein we give great importance to initial space planning to enhance or create the flow throughout the property, which is in our view, quintessential.

Being aware of the context and surrounding, ‘listening to’ the architecture of the building whether traditional or contemporary, then establishing some correlation with the interior space is our initial approach to designing unique interiors.

In essence, we aspire to create simplicity and clarity, resulting in timeless sophistication and elegance. This is our pursuit, our quest… punctuating design schemes with handpicked object d’art and oddities from our worldwide travels, bespoke individual pieces of furniture and fixtures, and last but not least, fabric, furniture handpicked material and finishes chosen from our continually evolving library.

As far as creating ‘luxury’, technology and ‘toys’ are also an obvious part of it, i.e. home automation, lighting control system, cinema room, swimming pool, wine cellar, and so on, all of which emanate a distinct sense of luxury.

What inspires your vision for a room?

A wide range of influences tend to fuel our vision, whether it is the client’s need, the architecture of the building, its character, whether natural light is in abundance or not - the way it can be optimized or the manner it interacts with the rest of the house. We always try to approach from a different angle to channel our vision.

However, for a better coherence, we are always very keen to avoid working rooms in isolation. Having considered all parameters, we are able to create innovative schemes combining colours, textures, accents and contrasted notes whatever the palette, harmonizing and bringing the room to life.

By being an architecturally led consultancy what can clients expect from CARTERTYBERGHEIN?

As CarterTyberghein is an architecturally-led practice we have a clear understanding from the outset of the design process and management required, which enables us to collaborate efficiently with clients architect partners, and offer realistic design solutions, either by taking a leading role or being part of a design team.

Also combining architecture and design enables our team to plan, develop and be pro-active in ensuring the smooth running of all aspects of the scheme and project in hand, down to details such as artwork and accessories - one vision, all under one roof.

What has been your most rewarding project?

Every CarterTyberghein project large or small has been rewarding - setting them in motion with abstract ideas that gradually become reality, guiding clients right through the design process, ensuring they remain involved and updated throughout the project. We are in partnership and the result has to be gratifying on both parts. Repeat commissions are our most powerful testimonial.

Nevertheless to name one amongst many, we are very proud of the refurbishment of a Grade-II listed building in Belgravia. Starting with very tired and garish decoration, we were assigned to recreate a comfortable, elegant home incorporating contemporary touches with lived-in quality. This was achieved by extensively sourcing the finest fabrics and materials, working with top cabinetmakers and artisans on special commissions, designing bespoke crystal chandeliers with gold dust finish and having them manufactured in Murano and so on.

On the architectural side of things, one of the main challenges was dealing with the introduction of air-conditioning throughout the property. As a result, this had considerable impact on the internal fabric of the building and its decorative features some of which we had to re-design to harmonise with the mid-19th century home. Special furniture was designed to incorporate and disguise the fan coil units, which were not to be seen! … but when there is a challenge, there is reward.

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