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Remodelling Your Home: Ways To Cut Down Renovation Expenses

3rd January 2014

Home improvement blogger James Glave wrote on This Old House that home renovations can cost a lot—but this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to. According to Glave, a homeowner needs to be strategic in getting their home improvement plans done at a price they can actually afford. You don’t necessarily need to scrimp on important materials, instead, consider using a more strategic approach on timing, designing, and shopping for them.

Many homeowners, however, usually tend to overspend; this happens when excitement takes over reason. This in turn, translates to shelling out too much cash even on simple renovations. To learn more about simple yet effective cost-cutting home improvement strategies, some tips and tricks are listed below:


In Ireland and the UK, it is important to have an estimate of the work and costs involved. Since house renovations include installing new home equipment and decors, every homeowner should at least make sure that everything is covered by a reliable home insurance policy. Financial blogger Jon Haver warns house owners that many insurance policies do not have similar offers as “home insurance premiums depend on a number of factors such as the age and value of your home, as well as the number of family units contained within. Aviva does, however, offer a number of discounts for a variety of reasons, making insurance coverage more affordable.” So before deciding to get a home renovation, make sure to request for written estimates and quotations of both home premiums and renovation costs.

Bringing In The Natural Light By Adding Windows

One of the best ways to lessen costs to your home is to plan out where to install windows in order to take advantage of as much natural light and heat as possible. Alternatively, to brighten up your home, include tube lighting or tubular skylights which work like a normal skylight, but with greater flexibility and insulation, shares eco-friendly enthusiast Rachel Dragani of Popular Mechanics.

Functionality Vs Trend

According to Elizabeth Rolls of Cultivate, normal kitchen renovations should last 12-15 years. She forewarns homeowners to be smart in following home improvement trends such as using very bright colours and odd shapes that are not likely to last a long time. When it comes to home equipment functionality should always come before design.

Recycling and DIYs

Recycling home decors can help you save a lot of money. Studies show that about 85 percent of a house is reusable. You can either do a total takedown, or create new furniture using old materials. The only things you’ll need are creativity, imagination, and maybe a few simple tools.

Trim And Paint

Trimming and painting some areas of your house is also a great way of giving your home an all new “personality”. To give you a few ideas, Family Handyman suggests adding two simple lines of trim—a chair rail and a crown moulding—to create the perfect framework for any two-colour wall combination. Painting your trim also simplifies installation. Just make sure to use quality paint so you don’t have to worry about repainting in the next few years.

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