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Resilica a hard wearing low maintenance kitchen surface

8th June 2015

We look at Resilica the alternative kitchen surface.

With approx 700 recycled bottles in a typical kitchen worktop, Resilica is a hard wearing, low maintenance surface that is manufactured entirely in the UK from waste.

Perfectly suited for kitchens, bathrooms and high wear commercial interiors, Resilica can be straight, curved, subtle, bold, it can also seamlessly incorporate logos or lettering, be backlit, and even made to glow in the dark!

  1. Resilica is a beautiful and polished alternative to imported granite, marble, quartz and corian surfaces.
  2. Resilica is simple to maintain, with wipe clean surfaces which can also be antimicrobial if desired.
  3. It has a high resistance to chipping, staining, heat, chemicals and scratches.
  4. Chose from an archive of over 600 existing colour recipes or create your own personal Resilica mix for your own unique kitchen.
  5. Large slab sizes of up to 2900 x 1350mm allow surfaces to be completed with minimal joints, but where necessary they are hygienically seamless and almost invisible

‘People and companies alike, really do care about what they are buying, where it comes from and its social implications’, says Resilica founder Gary Nicholson. ‘Resilica is beautiful, practical and made from waste. Each job is produced in the customers own unique colour recipe which is specific to their own project… it is a win, win, win solution…’

While running an environmental research programme at a leading university, he developed Resilica to address the mountains of waste glass that were stockpiling as a result of the Governments newly introduced landfill tax in 1996.

Having since been specified by the UK’s leading architectural firms, designers and contractors, Resilica has established a strong reputation as a sustainable alternative to quarried stones or to the mass produced surfaces that are shipped in from around the globe, and previous clients have included, The National Trust, The Dept of Health HQ and London Zoo.

Having over 12 years experience in creating these award winning surfaces, Resilica can ensure a very special and unique addition to the project and to maintain the highest quality possible, all surfaces are installed by Resilica’s in house team.

‘Choosing work surfaces for a kitchen or bathroom is a big investment, both financially and emotionally’, says Gary. ‘All of our customers have researched what is available on the high street and simply aren’t inspired… they want more for their money… they want something they can love!’

There are lots of inspiring case studies on the Resilica web site and a colour archive to illustrate what can be achieved with your recycled bottles.

If you would like to find out more, or discuss your project requirements, please visit the website or call 01273 511564.

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