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    Images from ROCO's collections on eBay. Sponsored Post.

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    Images from ROCO's collections on eBay. Sponsored Post.

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    Images from ROCO's collections on eBay. Sponsored Post.

ROCO’s EBay Collections

12th March 2014

In association with eBay we recently took part in their new Collections feature. We explored their site like never before and grew excited about how we could let our creative side take over.

eBay has created a brand new feature called “Collections”. Similar to mood boards in decorating, you find a product you like and simply click to add it to your collection. If like us you love the idea of collecting images and products that inspire you and collating them under themes, this feature is sure to get you excited! It provides the perfect tool for decorating a room – it allows you to collect all your idea’s, furniture, products, paint etc. into one board “Collection” which will help in the planning and purchasing for your new room.

No longer just a site for product purchasing this intuitive feature allows you to become more interactive. You can view other people’s collections for inspiration and really become involved with themes and ideas, from social sharing to following collections. Even top designers and stars have taken to eBay Collections including the talented interior designer and Dragons Den Dragon, Kelly Hoppen (whom we featured in Meet the Designer).

Putting together our first collections we really wanted to explore current trends and products that where catching our eye. We looked at the Modern Neon trend, which is taking the fashion and interior world by storm. This is a really fun trend for incorporating bright colours into your home, ensuring you stand out from the crowd. The key to this look is to use pops of neon in a room, paired off with toned, down walls. White and black walls make for great contrast to neon. Why not paint a blackboard wall in your child’s room and attach a neon coloured wall light to it.

One of our favourite collections we created was the Scandinavian Nursery. Scandinavian design has been popular in recent years but we wanted to add a modern touch whilst also incorporating it into a room for a child.  The stripped back white wood, cool shades and slight pops in colour are some of the key signatures to Scandinavian design. Pulling away from the traditional pink, blue or yellow shades for a nursery (filled with teddy bears), we have collected together our inspiration for a design led modern nursery.

Working in an office all day and being bombarded with images of beautiful interiors and spaces, we always want to re-decorate our office space.  With this in mind we decided to put together a collection based on the idea of a contemporary workspace. We worked at collecting images of products we thought would bring together a coherent modern office space. Celebrating great design and unusual takes on common office essentials like the vibrant purple stapler or copper stationary holder.

It is simple to follow our collections simply click follow on our homepage or you can follow by theme by clicking into each individual collection.

Find a collection you like? Then why not share it on social media with your friends by clicking the icons at the top right of the collections.


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