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Seven Rules of Interior Bedroom Design (And Four to Start Breaking!)

23rd May 2016

It’s often said that getting it right with interior design comes entirely down to personal tastes and preferences. Which is true to an extent, but this doesn’t mean that there are not still plenty of universal rules to bear in mind at all times.

As far as the experts are concerned, to decorate or remodel your bedroom in accordance with just a few simple guidelines can make it difficult to fail. Not only this, but if you’ve been looking for ways and means to inject a little luxury into your bedroom for some time, you might find the following seven rules of real value:

Rule One – Eliminate Clutter

The first and most important rule of all when it comes to bedroom design is to eradicate as much clutter as possible. Not only does clutter make any room feel chaotic, cramped and crowded, but it can actually have a direct effect on your ability to relax in it. There will always be items around the bedroom which need a home, so do your best to keep them out of sight or perhaps use trays to at least give the impression that everything is organised.

Rule Two – Focus

Given the fact that your bed will always be the primary focal point in the room, it is also an item that you should be focusing plenty of attention on. This in turn means that everything from the size of the bed to its style to the colour of the bed frame and even your choice of bedding will make an enormous difference to the way in which the room comes together. The key here being to get out of the habit of seeing your bed as a purely functional item.

Rule Three – Bedding

It’s worth remembering that there’s really no point going to town with your bed or your bedroom as a whole if you then dilute the appeal of everything with substandard bedding. One of the most important additions to any bedroom when looking to inject a little glamour is to invest in the most decadent luxury bedding you can lay your hands on. If you want to sleep like royalty then it really needs to be a down duvet. And if you need any justification whatsoever, try to remember that any investment you make in quality bedding is an investment in quality sleep.

Rule Four – Colours

There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to colour choice, just as long as you choose in accordance with your preferences and priorities. If you want your room to feel intimate, cozy and romantic, darker colours can certainly get the job done. By contrast, if the room is relatively small and you would prefer to keep things light and airy, you might want to consider something a little brighter. When considering colours, also carefully consider the colour of everything else in the room and anything you intend to introduce.

Rule Six – Lighting

The most important rule of all when it comes to lighting is that of ensuring you have multiple light sources strategically placed around the room. Simply introducing a couple of bedside lamps, standing lamps and dimmer switches where appropriate will give you control over your bedroom’s mood and ambience.

Rule Seven – Storage

Last but not least, if space is at a premium you might want to think carefully about anything you introduce to your bedroom, in terms of whether or not it can double up as a clever storage solution. You will absolutely never have too much available storage space in your bedroom – the more you have, the easier it is to keep the place looking and feeling luxurious at all times.

So those are the seven most important rules of interior bedroom design as far as the experts are concerned. But at the same time, there are certain commonly preached ‘rules’ which it’s about time were more routinely broken. They may have held water at one time or another, but as far as things go today, consider the following four rules well and truly outdated:

1 – Play It Safe With Small Spaces

Under no circumstances does small have to be boring. Even if the room is tiny, it’s still worth going big and dramatic with large-scale prints and bold designs.

2 – Never Alter Vintage Pieces

Contrary to popular belief, taking a vintage piece and slapping a new coat of paint or a few decorative elements on it can massively improve its appeal.

3 – Small Bedroom, Small Furniture

Absolutely not – try to keep things more compact than necessary in a small bedroom can actually make the room look even smaller than it actually is.

4 – Don’t Mix Prints

Well…you really only have to try mixing a few epic prints yourself to find out exactly why it’s something you probably should be doing more of!

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