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Stephanie Schur – Florist to the Stars

30th July 2014

In just a few short years, Stephanie has become the florist for the Hollywood A-list – racking up an impressive list of clientele including Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Dustin Hoffman, Windsor Smith…the list goes on.
We caught up with the talented Stephaine to ask her all about her store "Botany"

Why did you leave being a designer for indie label Michon Schur to become a florist?

Deciding to leave Michon Schur was a very hard decision. The label was starting to take off and I was traveling quite a bit between LA, New York and Paris. I then became pregnant with my second child my daughter Ruby and my son Jake was getting ready to start school. I took time off for the pregnancy and in slowing down I realized I really wanted to be there for my kids and not miss anything. I still felt a need to be creative so after taking a few years off I opened Botany. It's the perfect way to be close to home and be able to still have something of my own.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere! I am always inspired when the seasons change and new things come into the market.

 What advice would you give to someone interested in flower arranging?

I would say it's important to take your time and work with flowers you love. I think it's also helpful to only choose two or three colors so that your palette stays tasteful. It's always great to take a beginners class to help learn the basics.

What has been your favourite event to cater for?

There have been quite a few that I have loved. Anytime I get a new big project I love throwing myself into it and coming up with ideas and inspiration. Two that I recently completed and really enjoyed creating, was a tablescape for House Beautiful and a holiday party for Goop and Michael Kors collaboration.

Have you a favourite season when it comes to flowers?

I really don't! I love them all!

What is your favourite flower for scent?

I love Gardenias, Garden Roses and Hyacinth.

People garden or flower arrange to de-stress, what do you do?

I spend time with my family and travel as much as possible.

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