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Stuff of Dreams

7th October 2015

Stuff of Dreams is a contemporary, stylish online boutique with a diverse range of gifts and homeware, globally sourced, often handmade and always different.

At Stuff of Dreams, they try to provide a product that reflects intrinsically good design, a simple elegance and the bold use of shape and colour. A large proportion of the stock and all of their own products are handmade and this gives them a unique, exceptional and exclusive flavour.

This year, they have introduced their ‘Groove’ Range of candleholders and lamps, finely handcrafted in ash and providing a strong element of customisation for the buyer. This range fully demonstrates their respect and enthusiasm for the knowledge and expertise to be found in the handcrafted product within a modern context.

Their African Woven Bowls combine Marisa Flick-Jordaan’s contemporary design with the remarkable weaving skills of the women of KwaZulu-Natal to create a unique and eye-catching product. The fact that, as with their Monkeybiz Beaded Animals, they also help to provide an income for poverty-stricken communities is an important strand in their product range.

Africa’s life-affirming use of shape and colour in design is a constant inspiration and can be seen in many of the choices and combinations within their Handmade Journals and Textiles range. This powerful influence has led to the launch of their Jewellery range this Autumn that continues the principle of the contemporary and handcrafted product. In collaboration with jewellery designer, Andrea Kamasova, they have developed six collections of striking, unique and exquisitely crafted necklaces.

Through the coming months, they shall be sourcing more products from afar whilst also introducing new and exciting additions to their Own Brand…You may well find your stuff of dreams!

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