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Tania Adir – G&T London

31st July 2014

At just 31 and 25, husband and wife developer team Gal and Tania – known as G&T London – are making some real waves in the prime London property world. They specialise in refurbishing period buildings, combining them with the latest contemporary styling cues and innovative technology. We met up with Tania to discuss her background and latest project.

What was the driving force behind your career in Interiors?

I have always been attracted to real estate and interior design since an early age but had decided to embark upon a journey to become a solicitor, which involved rigorous legal training followed by a painstaking selection process filled with numerous interviews and aptitude tests. My life was occupied with multi million occupied with multi million pound facility agreements, tax deeds and legal claims when suddenly one day I realised that all the years spent working towards achieving my goal did not provide me with the fulfilment and ability to express myself that I had always wanted. Eventually the urge to try and turn this passion into a profession took over – leading me to where I am today.

Where do you find inspiration?

Travel is a great passion of mine and a lot of my inspiration stems from hotels and places that I have visited. I like to try and pick key elements from each one and merge them through my own work. When I travel I find my passion for interior design to be a great excuse to stay in an exceptional hotel – perhaps even two or three in the same city – allowing me time to enjoy and derive inspiration from the built environment around me.

Who do you admire when it comes to design?

There are a number of architecture and designer practices whose work I follow very closely. I derive a lot of inspiration from hospitality interior design as it allows a huge room for imagination and experimentation with the latest trends in design and technology. In particular – and this is no means exhaustive - WATG, Roland Lu & Partners and Graham Lamb.


When it comes to interiors, the marriage of traditional and contemporary, rustic and sophisticated, old and new always adds that edge that never leaves anyone indifferent. However, while design is paramount, usability and practicality are equally important as our properties are designed with people living there in mind. Nothing makes me happier than being told by a client or end buyer that they are thoroughly enjoying living in a G&T London designed property.

What is your approach to clients?

Always strive to amaze your potential buyers. Our buyers tend to be extensive travellers who are spoilt for choice and quality in every aspect of their life, it is therefore essential to always be at the forefront of cutting edge design, technology and finish in order to capture their imagination and create standout. Our goal is always to deliver a six star hotel finish in every property, as we believe home should be a comforting, inspiring and exciting place to live in.

What has been your most challenging / rewarding project?

Definitely 58-59 Myddelton Square, two grand Georgian townhouses in Islington that we entirely refurbished. It was a challenge as it is an area hat despite having amazing amenities, a first-class location and architecture, it is not yet associated with luxury, hence it was a slight step into the unknown to try and craft a luxury product there. There was no clear buyer profile so it was quite the challenge, however I'm delighted to say that when the buyers walked in, they loved every single element - down to the napkins on the table. It is the most rewarding feeling knowing that someone loves living in a property that you have designed and built.

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