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The future of British heritage

11th September 2015

Wedgwood Home – Fabrics and Wallcoverings by Blendworth


This September sees the launch of an exciting new collaboration between two renowned British brands – Blendworth Fabrics & Wallcoverings and Wedgwood . Adapting heritage Wedgwood patterns for the modern home furnishing and interiors market, Blendworth designed a bold and contemporary range of fabrics and wallcoverings. The collection consists of six designs in a range of colourways: Tonquin, Intaglio, Pashmina, Fabled Crane, Fabled Floral and Renaissance, all inspired by Wedgwood heritage ceramic patterns.

Most patterns take the name of the Wedgwood ceramic designs that inspired them, but there’s an exception. The Fabled Floral wallcovering was inspired by Wedgwood Jasperware – a pottery technique developed by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1770s. It is noted for its matte finish and is produced in a number of different colours. The best known is a pale blue, which became synonymous with the brand and is known as Wedgwood Blue.

There is a strong balance in the collection between the geometric and floral designs, which work harmoniously together. Renaissance and Intaglio are both geometrical patterns inspired by their Wedgwood design namesakes. Pashmina, Fabled Floral. Fabled Crane and Tonquin are all floral fabric and wallcovering designs.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the collaboration is the design process itself – translating the original Wedgwood designs into fabric and wallcovering patterns.

“We decided early on that our designs should not just be literal translations of Wedgwood pieces but original adaptations influenced by the wealth of beautiful patterns available to us. Taking this approach has allowed us to mix and match elements from various designs and collections into entirely new compositions.” said Steve Rawle, Blendworth’s design manager. “The original artwork, being designed for ceramics, had to be redrawn by our studio in order to create compositions that worked in fabric and wallcovering repeats. We worked closely with the design team at Wedgwood on the direction of the range, using current design and colour trends to give these heritage patterns a contemporary look.”

The Fabled Crane is one of the most eye-catching designs of the collection. Its origins are based in the mid-18th and 19th century when Western craftsmen were fascinated by designs from Asia and created their own interpretations, known as Chinoiserie. The original influence for The Fabled Crane was an exotic pheasant pattern produced by the Wedgwood factory in c.1820. The Blendworth interpretation uses a single bird motif and combined it with a foliage design, turning the pattern into a large-scale ogee layout, taking its form from the bird’s curved body.

The Wedgwood Home – Fabrics & Wallcoverings by Blendworth collection is a bold step forward for a new generation of classically inspired British design. The Wedgwood by Blendworth collection will be launched at Decorex International this September. The Wedgwood by Blendworth Fabrics & Wallcoverings will be available for consumers at stockists including John Lewis from the 21st of September.

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