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  • The Pearl Carpet of Baroda rug

    The Pearl Carpet of Baroda, image via Sotheby’s. 

The most expensive designer rugs of all time…

21st January 2015


Rugs are more popular now than ever before. With the rise of laminate flooring, rugs have become a must-have in adding colour, texture and warmth to a room. We take a look at some of the most expensive rugs of all time.

For centuries, across cultures and countries, rugs have been the sign of luxury; desired by many people for their homes, rugs in the midst of history have been perfect for those seeking an additional splash of colour and delight to their homes.

The modern day homeowner is no different and, with such a wide range, The Rug Retailer’s designer rugs have the luxury that we all crave. However, when we see the word designer, we instantly think ‘designer price tag’.

In some instance it may be true, but there are many designer rugs within the budget of many consumers but, for those that like to marvel at the price tags, there are some amazing rugs and mazing prices…

At $116,500, the Ishafan rug is an exquisitely detailed rug, rich in colour and history. Selling to a private collector in 2008, this 16th Century rug measures around 16ft by 6ft and is perfect for any space. Originally owned by the tobacco and electric-power industrialist James B Duke, the current owner must prize this purchase above all others.

Selling at $158,000, the small Ushak rug measured just under 5 feet by 4 feet and had a guide price of around $60,000. However, clearly it was much sought after especially as many people believe it was originally used as a prayer rug for Muslims back in the midst of time. Again, beautifully pattern with rich, earthy colours, it is easy to see why it was such a coveted purchase.

The Mahal rug sold at auction for $170,000, even though its condition was very poor, but even this did not stop it from selling for six times it estimated selling price. A huge canvas style rug, measuring some 24 ft by 17 ft, it still has a hefty price tag per square metre! Its date or origin is unknown but is thought to be from central Persia.

The Trabiz rug was always going to be a popular sale. The area form which it came is known for being a quality rug making area in cultures past, and this specimen did not disappoint. At 20 foot by 13 foot, this 18th Century rug sold for a whopping $182,500.

Selling for the same amount was another similar rug. The Ziegler Mahan rug has an amazing combination of brown and blue in its heavy pattern but is smaller than the Trabiz rug, measuring 18 feet by some 10 feet. Produce in the 1900s in modern day Iran, this rug is probably one of the youngest on the list of the most expensive rugs in the world.

Now we are leaping in to a whole new ball game where rugs costs millions of dollars, not just thousands…

The Trabiz medallion rug temporarily held the title as being the most expensive rug in the world, having been sold for a whopping $2.4 million. The 16th century rug from Persia measures 22 feet by 12 feet. Steeped in history but also of the highest quality, there is no wonder this rug is one of the most sought after in the world.

Following closely behind in terms of price tag, a silk rug from Persia sold for $4.4million. But, when you consider how small this rug is – it measures 7 foot by 5 foot – it can be difficult to understand why it commanded such a high price. However, selling for many times its expected price, this rug is beautifully ornate with traces of deepest red, sparkling green and delightful blue.

The pearl rug of Baroda sold for a staggering $5.5 million and no wonder when you see all the gems and pearls that decorate this Indian rug. Purchased by a still unknown buyer, this 6 foot by 8 foot rug is thought to be truly unique, being the only one commissioned by Maharajah in the Indian state of Baroda centuries ago. Who wouldn’t want a slice of this history in their home?

At $10.2 million, the 17th century Persian rug the Kirman Vase rug smashed all previous records for the most expensive rug ever bought and sold at auction. Measuring 11 feet by 5 feet, it is from the Kirman area of Iran, a place known for exquisite designer rugs. But, the essence of this rug lay in the fact that it was only estimated to be ‘worth’ $200,000 but clearly there were buyers in the room that day who all wanted it, causing the price to escalate from thousands to millions of dollars.

Clark Sickle-Leaf rug

And finally, still holding the title of the most expensive rug is the above 17th century Clark Sickle-Leaf rug that sold for an amazing $33.7 million. This price tag was, like many of the other rugs on our list, unexpected with this rug making 6 times it guide price on the day. But not the biggest on our list – it measure 9 feet by 6 feet approximately – this richly designed and coloured rug is probably marvelled at every day by its owner.

Imagining spilling your drink on these rugs…

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