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    Images from Interior Designer Mary Gannon's own furniture range.

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    Images from Interior Designer Mary Gannon's own furniture range.

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    Images from Interior Designer Mary Gannon's own furniture range.

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    Images from Interior Designer Mary Gannon's own furniture range.

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    Images from Interior Designer Mary Gannon's own furniture range.

Top tips to creating a bedroom that grows with your child

17th September 2015

Mary Gannon of Mary Gannon Design reveals her top tips

to creating a bedroom that grows with your child.


TIP 1: Invest in a convertible cot

When you are furnishing your baby’s bedroom, always think long term. He or she won’t be a baby forever, and very soon you will be wanting to transition the space from one that is fit for an infant, into one that is suitable for a child.

I always recommend children’s furniture for its functionality, longevity and design. Babyletto comes to mind because it sells an extensive range of contemporary cribs that can easily be adapted to your child’s growing needs. Top picks include the Honest 4-in-1 Convertible Cot because it starts life as a cot but later converts to a daybed, a toddler bed and then a full-sized bed.

Make sure you shop around, because there are plenty of companies offering convertible cots. Fans of sleek and simple Danish design will like what Oliver Furniture has to offer, while those who love all things mid-century modern should check out Bloom Baby’s solid wood Retro crib boasting newborn to school age convertibility.

Buying a convertible cot maybe more expensive than a standard cot, but it will save you money in the long run.


TIP 2 Choosing multitasking furniture

Investing in a convertible cot that serves more that one function is a start, but don’t stop there. Forgo the bulky changing table with a limited lifespan for a sturdy - but stylish - chest-of-drawers or dresser that can be securely fitted with a padded changing mat with raised sides. This way, you can use the changing mat while you need it, but you’ll have saved yourself the trouble of replacing the changing table later on. What’s more, the additional storage will prove very useful. Babies maybe small but they require a lot of stuff that will need storing!

Another solution is Stokke’s Home Changer, which cleverly converts into a play table when your child is out of nappies. This is done by simply turning the changer upside-down and placing it onto Stokke's cradle stand.

For later on in your little one’s life, I always suggest Moll, a German company which specialises in height-adjustable desks and chairs that grow with your child. In my experience, making sure that your child has somewhere comfortable to sit and do their homework is essential.


TIP 3: Update with a splash of colour

Although it is important that your little ones enjoy their bedroom and feel as though it is their own personal space, it can be costly to keep-up with their changing tastes. While an all-pink bedroom may be de rigour to your four year old right now, her ideas will soon change.

Consider keeping the main walls neutral and paint the door frames and exposed woodwork in your child’s chosen shade. A feature wall is another way to include your child’s favourite colour without regularly repainting the entire room.

Minimise cost and effort with the Pure Style collection of striped 4cm wallpaper borders in eight colourways including a hot pink, a marmalade orange and a sailor blue that will appeal to older children. These can be used to run under the cornicing and around door frames, and at £30 for a ten metre roll they won’t break the bank.


TIP 4: Get creative with wall stickers

What’s not to love about wall stickers? Easy to stick on and easy to peel off without making a mess of your paintwork, they are a wonderful way of feeding  your child’s imagination. Plus, because they are non-permanent they can easily be changed for different designs as your child grows.

Nubie offer a lovely range of wall stickers starting from as little as £6.95. At the £100 mark you can have a whole wall of farmyard animals, space ships, dinosaur’s and wild animals - all removable!


TIP 5: Add personality with accessories

It makes financial sense to keep pricier items such as flooring and window dressings as neutral as possible and add colour and pattern through inexpensive accessories and art prints that can be replaced in the future. Rugs, throw pillows and picture frames from the likes of IKEA can be swopped out on a semi-regular basis. Allow your child to choose a few items so that they feel part of the design process.


Mary Gannon is an Interior Designer who values individuality, which is why they don’t have a house style. Instead, they offer a flexible, one-to-one service that translates your aspirations into an inspirational and intelligent interior that reflects your passions, personality and lifestyle. For more information visit:


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