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    Written by David Ryan. Indoor image by Living 4 Media

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    Written by David Ryan. Indoor image by Living 4 Media

Unusual Uses for a Conservatory

4th February 2014

A conservatory can be a great addition to any home, and they have many benefits. They provide your family with an extra space which can be a huge advantage, particularly if your family is growing. However, they can be more than just a spare living room, and families now are using them for a number of different ways.

We’ve taken a look at some of the other ways in which people are using their conservatories to show you some of the more unusual and unique possibilities that come with this type of home improvement venture.


Pets are an extremely important part of family life in many homes across the world, so why not give them their own room? It may seem a bit of an OTT option if you just have a dog or a cat, for instance, but if your furry friends stretch to a rather wider collection, a conservatory can be the ideal place to keep them. It’s great for keeping mess, noise, smell and other pet-related destruction in one room, too!


This sounds like most people’s idea of heaven, so it’s no wonder that using a conservatory for a place for a hot tub is growing more popular. There’s probably nothing better than being able to relax in your hot tub after a hard day at the office, looking out over your garden, sipping on your favourite bubbly. Add a few plants and sound system for extra tranquillity points.


For those who crave something a bit more active, a conservatory is perfect for a home gym with their airy and spacious atmosphere (and often a lot more pleasant than alternative spaces). Moving your treadmill into your conservatory from the garage is also bound to make working out a lot more appealing, with improved views of your garden and the feeling of being outside.


Transform your conservatory into the ultimate ‘man den’ by adding games, whether new or antique. However, we should probably warn you that if you do invest in games such as pool, table hockey or arcade games, you will most likely have people round all the time as you will soon become very popular. You could even install your own bar, which is bound to go down a storm with your friends and family.


Hobbies and interests are a really important part of many people’s lives and it can be often difficult to find the space to enjoy them. A conservatory can provide the perfect tranquil, peaceful location for your hobbies to thrive. Working on your painting in a conservatory, like the ones found here, is bound to be more inspiring. They’re also a great place to have musical instruments as the separation from the rest of the house will provide players with privacy (and the rest of the house with less noise!).

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