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    Examples of Cue & Co of London kitchens which start from £35,000.

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    Examples of Cue & Co of London kitchens which start from £35,000.

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    Examples of Cue & Co of London kitchens which start from £35,000.

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    Examples of Cue & Co of London kitchens which start from £35,000.

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    Examples of Cue & Co of London kitchens which start from £35,000.

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    Examples of Cue & Co of London kitchens which start from £35,000.

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    Examples of Cue & Co of London kitchens which start from £35,000.

Why invest in a bespoke kitchen?

16th September 2015

ROCO caught up with Charlie Borthwick, founder of Cue & Co of London to discuss why you should invest in a bespoke kitchen.

What is a bespoke kitchen?

It is a kitchen that is entirely custom-made to suit the client’s requirements. This means it can be individualized and adapted to suit their needs.

Why should readers invest money in a bespoke kitchen when they can buy an off-the-shelf kitchen so much cheaper?

 If there isn’t a restrictive budget where an off-the-shelf kitchen is the only realistic option, a bespoke kitchen offers huge advantages. A really well made kitchen should last years and years, it can maximize the available space in the most practical and efficient way possible, and aesthetically there are endless options. For many people, the kitchen is probably the most important communal space in the house and getting it exactly how they want it is very worthwhile investment.

What’s more, a bespoke design means that you spend one-to-one time with a designer and have much more input into the design process.

There are kitchen companies who have existing ranges that can be built and fitted to exact specifications. Is this still considered a bespoke kitchen and what are the pros/cons of buying a kitchen this way?

The majority of well-established kitchen companies have their own existing ranges, which are used as the design foundation for a bespoke kitchen. These give the client an insight into the style and look they want to go for. Therefore, it is still considered a bespoke kitchen but not an entirely bespoke design. The advantage of this is that most clients need inspiration and some kind of design boundary within which to design their ideal kitchen. This also allows the designer to use their design principles to develop the perfect kitchen around the client’s needs. There isn’t really a disadvantage to this other than someone might have a similar kitchen to you making it not wholly unique. However, through colour, materials and finishes you can create something very distinct making it implausible that something identical will exist.

What are your top tips to finding a good cabinet maker?

It is worth going online and looking at sites such as Houzz and reading various leading kitchen design magazines to help you pinpoint the style you want to go for. After that, visiting showrooms then helps you identify the companies that would most fulfill your requirements. Really scrutinize the materials they use and find out why they use some materials over others. Ask them what makes them stand out over other companies and what they put their design emphasis on.

What should readers do to prepare for a first meeting with a cabinet maker?

Ideally, they need to come armed with a good set of scaled drawings so the kitchen designer is able to work within realistic boundaries. Preparing a “wish list” is extremely helpful! Do they have any special requirements that need addressing? This could be anything from particular storage space solutions through to colours and finishes to how they envisage the layout. Is the room a multi functional space and if so, how is the addressed within the design? The more thoughts and information you take to the meeting will help the designer plan the kitchen. The designer will invariably want to create some kind of brief they can use to help them develop the kitchen so they shouldn’t be surprised when asked about their lifestyle. It may seem unnecessary but designers love to see the whole picture!

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