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Yorkshire Landscape Artist Rachel Hinds Online Store

16th March 2015

Limited edition prints now available!

Yorkshire landscape artist Rachel Hinds work is one that we adore here at ROCO. Her landscape paintings contain an atmosphere in their application that stirs the emotion of the viewer.

So you can imagine our excitement when we found out she has now created a store of limited edition prints.

Based in Yorkshire, Rachel paints beautiful scenes of IIkley Moor. The vast open moors have been captured in a hauntingly beautiful manner, pulling the viewer into the painting as though you where actually there.

Rachel’s passion for colour and form can be found in her work. She uses a variety of representational styles, including impressionistic and figurative, depending on what she feels best conveys the mood of a particular scene.

Interestingly Rachel has been working on a series of paintings for an exhibition in April 2016 in Seven Arts, Leeds. The painting “Aefnung” which she has previewed on her site is reminiscent of Turners sunsets, full of atmosphere and colour. This has left us eagerly awaiting the full series.

All Rachel’s paintings are available as limited edition prints. If there is a painting you would like in print format, you can simply contact Rachel who will help arrange your desired piece.

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